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Boat Details

The boat that we are currently using is a 215 Horse Power Perkins Engine, 33 feet Cygnus side fish, her name is 'Venus'. The boat has the facilities for about 12 people, all sitting. We assure that when you see this boat you will be impressed and that if you were to look around at some other local vessels that 'Venus' is one of the best boats around.

The name 'Venus' come from the Ancient Romans. Meaning, jewel of the sky , was once know by ancient astronomers as the morning star and evening star .The star Venus, which is named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty, is veiled by thick swirling cloud cover.


The 'Venus' has the facilities for 12 people all sitting. If the boat is full up, then we assure that everyone will be able to fish. When you are on the boat there is room for everyone to see what is going on, everyone will be able to see every fish that are caught. This is because as soon as the fish are caught they are put into a crate which is placed in the center of the boat.

We assure everyone will have a great time and will come away with smiles and great memories.

Below are images of the boat and mevagissey. To enlarge just simply click on the thumbnail.

Mevagissey Harbour Mevagissey View from Venus The Venus The Venus 2

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